Sunday, February 21, 2021

5 SEL Activities to Reconnect and Engage Students After a Break

 It is early Sunday morning a day before school starts after ski break in California. Interestingly, we didn't have this break when I was living in Colorado. But, I am not complaining! 

I will be honest, it is hard for me to go back to school after a break. In my series of student interviews before we went on the break, students mentioned how much they like the free time and the time to do anything that they want during the break. I got stuck on the word ANYTHING. The question that I asked myself while designing my post-break lessons

What activities should I plan for Monday that gives them a lot of CHOICES and they get to COLLABORATE with their friends in the breakout rooms? 

I am mindful that not all my students love collaboration, these activities are planned in a way that they can be done alone. 

I have noticed that after our break, we as teachers ask our favorite question, " So, what did you do over the break?". 

You might get a myriad of responses from 

"I went to Tahoe for skiing" (yes during a partial shutdown, too).

"I slept a lot." 

To be inclusive of all the activities and for those who had a boring break, I came up with this activity to convince the class that my activity was the world's boring or best activity to do over a break and why? 

So as I planned for Monday after our break, I came up with these 5 activities that give them ample choices to collaborate with their friends. It also helps me as a teacher to engage and reconnect with our class virtual community.  

Here are 5 Social-Emotional Learning activities, you will find the templates for all these activities in the link below:

1) Unscramble the holiday words

2) Tell a Story about the image 

3) World's best or boring holiday activity  EVER

4) Pictionary using Nearpod

5) Thin Slides- EduProtocol

5 SEL Activities