Saturday, May 23, 2020

Teach by GIF (ing) BITMOJI

I posted my Coordinate Math lesson using GIF on Twitter and several teachers have asked me to share my lesson template. Besides just sharing my lesson template, I thought I will also show you how you can create a GIF using Bitmoji. So, you can create your own and have fun with it!

Here we go, first, how do we GIF a Bitmoji instruction. I am showing how to create it step by step. If you already know how to and all you want is my lesson. Scroll all the way down to find my lesson template on Coordinate Plane.

Here is the list of fun ingredients that you will need to create GIF using Bitmoji like that ⬆️
1) Google Slides
2) Chrome extensions- Bitmoji- add this extension to your chrome browser you will find it the chrome w
3) Chrome Add-on- Creative Studio
4) Most importantly an idea on how you want your Bitmoji to travel in your Gif 😀

Step 1: Open google slide. This is your first slide. Pick a background where you want your Bitomji to move around. Here is what I picked for my lesson idea. Add this image to your slide as a background. Make sure it covers the entire slide. This is how it will look when you add it as a background

Step 2: Duplicate the above slide. This is your second slide. On the second slide you will be adding your Bitmoji. Once you have installed the Bitomji extensions which you will find in the Chrome Web Store. You will see the Bitmoji extension on your browser, it looks like this the smiley green face :) 

Pick a Bitmoji to add to the above slide with a background. Place it wherever you want it to on this second slide where you want it to start moving. I wanted my Bitmoji to start at (0,0) coordinates. I placed it there.

Step 3:  This is your third slide. On your third slide, add the same Bitmoji but move it to the place you would like to move next. I wanted my Bitmoji to move to the first quadrant. I placed her there. It looks like this

Follow Step 3 to keep adding your Bitmoji to the next few slide, wherever you want it to travel next. You only add ONE Bitmoji to different slides but you keep changing its spot. Here is the visual ⬇️ to show the difference between each slide

Step 4: Your sequence is complete when you are done moving the Bitmoji to its final spot in your last slide. Now it is time to see the magic happen with this add-on ⬇️
Add this add-on to your google slide.

Once you have the add-on. Hit the open button under Creator Studio.

The creator studio will open up on, select the time interval between the slide (max is 4 sec). Select the animate GIF option and hit the GO button. 
Voila! Magic happened and you created  GIF  using your Bitmoji.  It can be found in your google drive. All GIF created using Creator Studio are saved in the Creator Studio folder. 

Finally, here is my GIF(ing) Bitmoji Coordinate lesson template. You can make a copy of my template. Now, all you have to do is change it to your Bitmoji. I am working on other templates and, I will create another blog post for that. I hope this helps you. 

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