Sunday, May 24, 2020

Pandemic Perception

On May 21st, I got a text from a friend asking how I am doing.  It was late at night, I was ending another day behind me. I can't tell you my exact response,  let's just say it was not so happy or positive. Thinking everything is great, my friend send me this response, "You are posting such cheerful tweets." This was the tweet I posted the same day.

The whole night I spend pondering and reflecting on my friend's response. The next morning, I poured everything out in this poem titled:  Knock Knock.

This is a very good friend of mine and my post doesn't tell the reality. It is like living in the murky world of social media.  Creating a deception of what a person is really going through. I know there are others who hide under their shell. In the day time they give grace, express gratitude and smile, but cry under the covers at night. I am not going through something terrible or tough. There are far bigger problems and this is nothing compared to that. However, the only thing constant is the roller coaster of feelings, since March 14 when life got a big jolt. Shelter in place was tough enough to deal with. On April 24th, I had a bike accident, landed in the ER. Exactly a week later, I was showing symptoms of COVID, took me again to the hospital for COVID testing. Two days I was quarantined at home until the results came. A friend of mine is fighting COVID for the last 9 weeks. All of this and the daily challenges, to be an educator, parent, and teach your special kid all at the same time and do this non-stop! To add to this mix, anxiety about my family abroad and missing the human connection. 

If it was not for my friend's text, I wouldn't be sharing my incomplete half-told story. Don't we all have our incomplete half-told stories? 

Picture Credits: 
First door picture by Ashwini Chaudary from India
Second, being numb to emotions picture by Sydney Sims from USA
Third open door picture by Denny Müller from Germany

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