Thursday, April 25, 2019

Digital Version of Word Sneak Game to Practice Vocabulary Word

Word Sneak Game Inspired by Jimmy Fallon (Digital Version with full effect!)

Who doesn't love Jimmy Fallon? You know when you are having a bad day and a good laughter can whisk away your stress or sadness. It was one of those days, I started looking for Jimmy Fallon on YouTube, this clip (below)👇totally cracked me up! I don't know if I was crying because of the content in his show or what I was initially sad about. 😂

 It was a Friday afternoon, I decided I have to share this fun activity with my students. I didn't know how this would go, it could be chaotic. Especially my seventh graders, they have a very playful sense of humor.  
As an English Language Arts teacher, I am always finding ways to bring playful approach to teaching and practicing vocabulary words. This game was perfect, the challenge was I wanted to create the similar environment as the show( sorry Jimmy, just a wee bit of copy cat or should I say inspired!). 😻

Monday, April 22, 2019

Argumentative Unit for Grades 6-8 with Teaching Resources

Do you know of any preteen or teen who doesn't like to argue? When I announced to my middle schoolers, I will be teaching a unit on argumentative writing, they were psyched about it, saying things like, "bring it on.. I live only for arguing!"  I thought their constant habit of arguing will make them an expert in writing a formal argumentative essay. Through call to adventure (or hook) activity, I learned that my students are actually good at giving their opinion not arguing. As we know about opinions, everyone has an opinion about everything and like feet other's opinion always stinks :-). I knew I had to dive through various mini-lessons to help them write a solid, evidence based formal argumentative essay! 

Like always, I design my lesson using  Ramsey Musallam's Hero's Journey (format that I learned in one of my MERIT'18 classes) 

1) Call to Adventure (Engage) Day 1  

Using visual literacy and Eduprotcol 8 Parts to get them even more ignited about this unit.  I also used this to pre-assess their understanding of argumentative writing. I showed them the image below to get them talking,  more like arguing :-) about what is going on in this image. This image is taken from New York Times, What's Going On in this Picture?